Success by Design Un-Training is…

  • NOT motivation with the intended result of getting people excited.
  • NOT specifically about psychology or personal development.
  • NOT a new and improved way of getting better at selling and/or recruiting.
  • NOT the right or only way to do network marketing for results.

Success by Design Un-Training™ originated as concepts and theories from researching what is missing for productivity (consistently) in the network marketing experience. It applies ontological, personal development principles and methodologies to the building of a network.

Success by Design addresses the three primary dilemmas, which first confront any Multi Level Marketing/Network Marketing/Social Sharing business associate:

  • Where do I go?
  • What do I do?
  • How do I do it?

Success by Design Un-Training is:

  • Designed to liberate distributors from the paradigm of the most common ways people approach and teach the building of a network.
  • Learning how to create an unlimited resource for prospects without talking to friends, neighbors, and relatives, buying leads, learning lines to give strangers, or even warm and cold market thinking, at all.
  • A possibility for:
    • How sales results may be created without selling;
    • How people may be enrolled powerfully in and attracted to your opportunity without recruiting;
  • About developing a business identity.
  • Learning what and what not to be responsible for as a sponsor. (Hint: not others’ motivation or success).
  • Learning how to empower and attract others through listening. 
  • Creating a business project (structure) for what you are building so that your own expectations can be met and so you can coach others to achieve theirs (Duplication of Effort)

    Question(s) to ask in evaluating whether Success by Design Un-Training™ may be valuable to you may be:

    • What is working in the way I’m building or teaching the business now?
    • What is NOT working?
    • What is missing that, if I could put it in place, could dramatically affect my productivity and the productivity of my organization?
    • What is the difference this could be for me and for my network?
    • What is that worth?
    • What is it costing me NOT to know?

    Success is NOT an accident. It doesn’t come from hoping, wishing, luck,  chance, or lottery. It happens by DESIGN; with structure and responsibility. When you can create your own success by design, then you can also teach, mentor, and coach others to have their success… by design! These principles have been shown to produce powerful, effective, business organizations that generate and perpetuate residual income.

The Success by Design Un-Training™ Mission

“To produce 1000 cash flow millionaires by August 1, 2023. This is defined as: 50 leaders earning $80,000 p/m who each have 20 leaders earning $20,000 p/m by August 1 2021. By August 1, 2023 the Success by Design Global Foundation 501c3 will be funded by 1000 contributions (or more) of $84,000 resulting in 84M in principle generating discretionary contributions of $10M p/y to give to charities such as the Tunnel2Towers; St. Jude’s Hospital; Disaster relief; Christian Ministries; women, child, and animal abuse; and other worthy charities to be named.”
– Russell Newton DeVan


“Russ DeVan is a standout in an industry that is a blur of purported experts. An exceptional speaker and coach, he inspires audiences to be their best, as well as a dynamic trainer committed to measurable intended results. His own sales organizations have set records and standards for the MLM Industry. Mr. DeVan is the author of state-of-the-art training methodologies and concepts used by thousands of network marketing professionals worldwide. Most importantly, Russ is a trusted confidant, and a great friend.”
Richard B. Brooke
Bliss Marketing
"Back in 1995, an article on Russ DeVan was featured in a special edition  of SUCCESS Magazine. After reading it, I was so inspired, I decided to contact him. I had been struggling in the Network marketing profession for over 10 years. Russ invited my business partner and me into his home, and offered some simple but profound coaching and direction. With the application of that advice, I went on to build an organization of over 50,000 distributors and earn  millions of dollars in Network Marketing. Thanks Russ, for getting me started on my road to success!"
Jordan Adler
Author of Beach Money - #1 Distributor/Income Earner ~ Send Out Cards
“Russ has developed a functional level of mastery in training and coaching people. He has taken the often complex business of this business and made it the simplest, most understandable, yet most profound and duplicatable organization - growing system you’ve ever seen.”
John Milton Fogg
Author of The Greatest Networker in the World
"When we decided to sign up for Russ DeVan’s Success by Design Un-Training™ course, I must admit that it was with a modicum of trepidation as, being totally new to network marketing, both my husband and I felt absolutely overwhelmed in the mire of folklore and opinion.  From the outset we had been flooded with a plethora of “Just do it my way and you’ll be a six-figure income earner in a month” and “Repeat this script and you’ll have no problem signing people up”, all the while struggling to overcome our own lack of knowledge and potential prospects’ immediate negative reaction to multi-level marketing. And the fact that we seemed to be really bad at it – people making high ranks daily while we battled to sign anyone up!    What an absolute gem Russ is; his unassuming delivery style coupled with incredibly in-depth knowledge of the industry gave us immediate relief and confidence that we hadn’t made the biggest mistake of our lives!  His ‘Success by Design Un-Training™’ just makes sense; his constant reiteration that quality is always preferable to quantity is refreshing in an industry which prizes urgency and immediate growth.  Not that Russ doesn’t believe in urgency; this is always important, however by ensuring that each participant has a complete understanding of the process and fundamentals of their business and what they’re trying to achieve, gives each and every attendee both the assurance and the tools to impart this knowledge to their new team members.  The most beneficial elements of the Success by Design Un-Training™ have to be understanding how to prospect by building relationships not selling. Plus, establishing a project and developing a duplicatable, systematic and structured approach. These benefits, coupled with the confidence and support that Russ imparts, makes this course incredibly valuable and neither my husband or I would have any hesitation in recommending Success by Design Un-Training™ to anyone embarking on a MLM career."
Melody Lucas
CEO Outstand Your Brand